Welcome to Pakistan Truck Art

This site is dedicated to the celebration and promotion of Pakistani truck art. Anyone who has been to Pakistan knows that the sight of a fully decorated truck is unforgettable. A truck embellished from bumper to bumper with paint and colorful, sculpted metal is expressive and captivating in ways that few other artistic media can duplicate. Decorated Pakistani trucks declare a dazzling, exuberant artistry that is unmatched on vehicles anywhere else in the world.

Pakistani truck art takes two forms— murals or painted scenes and “decoration pieces.” This website features one truck art enthusiast’s collection of decoration pieces and a blog that includes everything and anything related to Pakistani truck art.

Decoration pieces typically adorn a truck’s side carriage and are placed on top of a mural or painting. Ranging in size from less than a square foot to more than six feet, decoration pieces are often the flashiest part of a fully embellished truck. Consisting of a metal base covered with colorful reflective stickers, or chamak patty, and further highlighted with mirrors or studs, decoration pieces are shaped to represent any of the truck art motifs, such as birds, fish, and flowers. The decoration piece is an important flourish on the truck because the artistic materials make the piece the most reflective part of the vehicle. There is no Urdu word for decoration piece, and both truck drivers and truck artists will use the English term.

The collection on this site includes decoration pieces that were actually used on trucks as well as other works that were acquired before they were taken on the road. A few pieces were custom made, extending the aesthetic used in traditional decoration pieces to new, innovative forms. Although all of the pieces are unique, replicas are available by contacting Ehtisham/Ethan.