CNN’s Arwa Damon on Truck Art: “It’s a bit like being inside a kaleidoscope”

Arwa Damon is fascinated by truck art. A focus of her report is some Rawalpindi craftsmen that work in chamak patty, or reflective tape, which is the central element for decoration pieces. In addition to adorning the shaped metalwork to make decoration pieces, chamak patty is also fashioned into the strips that she highlights.

To avoid any mention of decoration pieces, the most eye-catching part of the vehicle, is a major oversight. In addition to the embroidery strips, the workshop also prepares decoration pieces. The metal foundation for a decoration piece in its early stage of construction is visible at 1:51.

Damon is understandably impressed by the deft cutting that workers apply when cutting and placing chamak patty. Delving further into the medium, she could point out that the highest quality, and most expensive tape is Avery, while the Chinese imported tape is the cheapest and most abundant.

Curiously, she reports that it costs 55,000 rupees (about $650) to fully decorate a truck. This number seems significantly lower than what other media have recorded elsewhere and what I’ve been quoted. Given how rare unveiled blond women are in these places, the workshop probably really wanted her business.

Accompanying the video are is a gallery of Pakistani trucks that is worth viewing.