Truck art and fashion

She doesn’t need the flashy truck art jacket to attract attention, but it helps

Truck art seems like a natural inspiration for fashion designers. It is flashy, colorful and eye-catching. In excess, the elements could be garish or overstimulating, but these risks do not seem foreign to modern designers. At least one artist has drawn from this wellspring of style. Deepak Perwani recently launched an elegant collection that borrows many aspects of truck art. The garments are lively and colorful, but not excessively so. The article does not describe what materials he uses in the outfits, but the color scheme is similar. Studs and mirrors, staples of truck art decoration pieces, could also transfer to the garments.

This is probably more difficult to extend to a men’s clothing line, which could result in something akin to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. His male garments are limited to shalwar khameezes that are more restrained yet still innovative. I doubt men’s clothing blends with truck art as well.