Another Transcontinental Decorated Volkswagen!

Common truck art imagery on the right side of the car includes the baraq above the rear tire.

Similar to the Foxy Shehzad, the car that travelled from Islamabad to Paris, another Volkswagen decorated in the truck art style is planning an overland trip to Europe. This one is launched by an enterprising German who has worked for the past year on energy issues in Islamabad and is planning on driving it back. What a great way to return home.

In February, the owner was waiting for an Iranian visa, without which the trip would be nearly impossible. (What other routes are there? The trip into China, and then Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan is a bit circuitous). Last I heard he had left and was nearly in Turkey. By starting in the Spring, he avoids many of the problems with mountain passes the made the Foxy Shehzad’s trip so difficult.

Decorated with some traditional truck art imagery, the car also has some more unique motifs. Birds are certainly some of the most common representational forms, which appear in multiple locations. There is a well painted Buraq, the prophet’s horse, depicted as it typically appears in truck art. There are some jungle animals, including elephants and giraffes, which are less common. Rather than portraying any individual Pakistani leaders, the artwork depicts noteworthy Pakistani sites, such as the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, where the Pakistani state was officially declared, and the iconic Khyber Gate.

Berlin or bust!