New Truck Art Exhibits in Houston, Paris

Two galleries featuring truck-art inspired art have recently opened.

In Houston from May 1 – May 8, Voices Breaking Boundaries features Art Car Sprawl in the First Ward which combines traditional Pakistani truck art with modern, digital influences. The Pakistan Chronicle describes the opening, which sounds as eclectic as the art itself:

The show… will feature Houston art car and Pakistani truck art history, and include a preview of VBB’s first art car, Digital Meets Pakistani Truck Art, designed by Eric Hester and Sehba Sarwar. Decorations on the car include video screens showing VBB’s history, truck art designs from Karachi collected by Sehba Sarwar on a recent trip to Pakistan, and an open mic podium welded out of the passenger seat.

The description of the show links to this article in the Independent about a leopard-print truck prepared by the Karachi School of Design, which sounds particularly memorable. Hopefully it is part of the exhibit.

In Paris, an exhibition hosted by Pakistan à Paris from April 29 – May 27 features the Foxy Shehzad as a centerpiece. (Strangely, the website of Pakistan à Paris, which is affiliated with the event, does not seem to mention the exhibit, while the Indians in Paris does)

Sadly, neither show seems to have any of their collection online. Why not share for would-be visitors who cannot make the trip?