Spread the Excitement: Truck and Bus Art to Promote the 2012 Olympics

A recent art project by students of the National College of Arts in Rawalpindi has generated significant media coverage. To “spread the excitement” of the 2012 London Olympics, the art students painted a Hino truck. I suppose it was successful in increasing awareness. Before reading about this effort, I had not heard of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, a celebration of national traditions that complements the sporting contests.

This is a departure from traditional truck art decoration, with a much different intent. For the students, the aim was to increase awareness, or promote, London 2012. Though some buses may attract more passengers with better decoration, there is no overt advertising motive in traditional truck art.

The students also took remarkable liberties with the motifs on the bus. This has to be the first “truck art” vehicle to include a picture of lips and “Lolz”. Perhaps this is the student’s vernacular, as pithy sayings are for truckers. Despite the motifs that break with tradition, other aspects of style, like color, are consistent with tradition. With the new decorations, the vehicle looks more garish yet less visually stunning than most on the road. This could be because the bus lacks the taj, or headpiece above the windowshield, which is one of the most impressive parts of decorated trucks.

None of the articles mention the inclusion of more experienced craftsman and artists. I am curious if any were involved and, if so, their reaction is to the work.

The British Ambassador seems pleased and based on the students interviewed in this video, they were satisfied with their work. Even better if they could use this foray into truck art as the first of many experimentations.