2013 Roundup: Truck art in advertising

Much has happened in the world of Pakistani truck art in 2013 – many exhibitions, new initiatives, truck art-inspired art, and news coverage. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting a summary of developments around different themes. Today, I’m covering truck art in advertising.

Truck art has occasionally been used by companies for its eye-catching, colorful appeal and this trend continued last year.

Truck art was the inspiration for the branding of Expo 2013 in Karachi

A video by the mobile company 02 features art from each of the countries where it offers service and uses truck art motifs for their Pakistan segment, which included the contributions from several Pakistani artists.

At Expo Pakistan, the largest trade fair held in Pakistan, the truck art-inspired logo was prominent on “posters, notebooks, goodie-bags and even in the fashion show”.