2013 Roundup: Truck art initiatives

This post covers the spread of truck art from Pakistan in its traditional medium to other forms around the world, through new art and endeavors, over 2013.

The redesign of a vintage American truck in Pakistani style by Kansas City-based artist Asheer Akram’s Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative was completed and displayed. The final product is tasteful in re-purposing traditional American symbols, such as buffaloes, in the context of truck art.

Asheer Ahmed’s 1950’s grain truck done in the style of Pakistani truck art

The efforts by photographer Peter Grant, {UPDATE LINK HERE}discussed earlier on the site, to decorate a truck in New Zealand and show his work reached fruition with the completed decoration of the vehicle he named Artie. The artist he brought from Pakistan, Younus Nawaz, decorated other vehicles during his visit (pdf).

Pakistani youth from FATA were given cameras to photograph their lives. The result was exhibited at an event in Washington, DC and several of the stunning photos featured truck art.

A French couple that has biked for eight years, covering more than 150,000 km to raise awareness for climate change appreciated truck art when they passed through Pakistan. Their bikes were embellished in the Rawalpindi truck workshops.

“Rickshaws for peace”

An advocacy organization, the Pakistan Youth Alliance, decorated auto-rickshaws, or three-wheeled vehicles, in a truck art style with peace messaging. Though the English messaging is unlikely to have much resonance with individuals responsible for instability in the region, it is a colorful gesture that was recognized by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rehman.